Monday, February 6, 2012


I was just given these adorable little dresses from a friend. I thought I'd do a quick photo shoot for my little girls 3 month photos. I was just given this really cute chair by my sister in law and I found this piece of red fabric and sewed it together to be wide enough for a background. Perfect for valentines day!

My baby still fits in the tea pot prop, so we got a couple there...
 Then I had a brainstorm and ran and got my little girls tea set and let them have 'tea time.'  
I think it turned out really cute!
I don't think Anna likes tea!

Just LOVE my little blue eyed wonder!

I have to design the valentines now... hmm... I think it's past supper time!  Guess I'll save that for another day!
This mama/photographer is SO thankful for her little ones!

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