Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dakota's First Birthday!

My goodness time flies!  It was just a little over a year ago when I did Sharon & Joshua's maternity photos.

Then precious little Dakota Irene was born and came for her first visit to my studio.

Then about every two to three months she came and visited me again!

And we did a fun little 'Cousins' photo shoot in August

This one was during  a family photo shoot and she was trying to crawl away!

Dakota's 1st Christmas!!

It's Birthday Time!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went outside for a couple of photos. It was freezing and the wind was really strong, so it was just a couple of quick pix and then back in the blanket! I spent a while out in the wind spray painting this chair... or trying to... I think my hands and clothes were more covered than the chair and my husband isn't too thrilled with the little pink spots on our driveway!  Oh well.. the chair turned out great!

I had to put this photo in... my husband saw it and said what it looked like she was saying "MOM, there's poo on my boot!"

Then the favorite part!!  Cake eating/playing!

Thanks for letting me capture your first year!


  1. Deb, You are AMAZING!!!! I love all the photos! Thanks so much!! We wouldn't go anywhere else for pictures!! Dakota loves coming for her photo shoots! You and your family are such blessings!!

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