Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two are better than one!

I had such a wonderful time taking these precious little babies photos.  We spent about 2 hours in the studio doing family and baby photos and then I couldn't find the new elf hats that Super Green Label had made. So I traveled to their house a couple of days later and spent 4 hours with them taking their photos.   I also got to help feed them twice and rock them to sleep, over and over again in attempt to get a couple of sleeping shots. Little guy was adamant that he did not want to sleep. So for most of the photos, it was a quick shutter finger that caught him with his eyes shut in between flailing his arms and looking around brightly.  
 Double Blessings

 Big sister was not too into this photoshoot. She would rather be playing with toys. Typical for a two year old.

 I love little feet!
 We were able to get Big Sister to 'play' with them for a couple of seconds. 
 Big Sister!
 Little Man
 Sweet little princess
 This looks like Little Guy really needs to tell Sissy something!
Then it was off to their house a couple of days later for the next part of the photoshoot. So now we go from studio lighting to window lighting... which I LOVE!  But hey, every photographer prefers 'real light.'

This was a very, very hard photo to get. It took lots of time working with them and then lots of photoshop time.  It is hard enough to get 1 infant to look this relaxed and positioned, let alone 2!  It was so worth the time and work! 
She slept so sweetly!
Just love how it looks in a chocolate color too!
Then this little guy finally asleep for real, although it did not last long. I love how he looks like "Let me alone!"
A quick 'behind the scenes photo!' They had a bright room in the house with nice window lighting which was perfect. I brought 1 white sheet, a posing pillow and a fuzzy blanket. Then used their chair to hold the background. It doesn't take much room with babies. Here I was soothing them while Mom was getting their second bottles ready. I love babies!  How great a God to make such perfect little blessings!

When we had gotten all of the hats shots, they were both alert and relaxed again. So I was able to get a couple of sweet snuggly shots.
Although it takes a lot of time, patience, good lighting and and photoshopping, it's really the parents that make the photoshoot work well.  Patient parents are the key!  Thanks to these little ones parents for letting me take their photos and for bearing with us through many hours of pictures!

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