Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jenna & Tanner's Beach Engagement

We had such a blast with this two day photoshoot!  The first day we spent a couple of hours on the beach at Rehobeth and surrounding state parks and then ended it in the water.  I should also mention that this was probably the hottest two days in July EVER and I was very pregnant. My family made a weekend of it and went camping... in a tent... at a campground we will never go back to!  So.... the engagement photos were a lot of fun.... as for family time in between... well.. we have a lot of funny memories! Enjoy looking through these photos. I absolutely love it when we can capture a couple having fun together at places that they really like to 'hang out.'  It shows so much of their personality.  I highly recommend to all of my couples to 'think outside the box' when it comes to engagement photos.

2nd day we went to the boardwalk at Ocean City!

Then it got even better when it got dark!
Doesn't this sign just make you smell cotton candy and get a child like excited tingle running down your spine?!!
Then back to the boardwalk and beach...

This was shot in the complete dark.. just the lights from the boardwalk above to illuminate the water. Thanks to my fast lens.
What a great way to end the evening!
I hope you enjoyed scrolling through these photos.  I could hardly pick which photos to upload because there were SO many more good ones... so sorry that it got kind of long!  :o)

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