Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jess's Bridal Shower

 I don't normally blog bridal showers... but this was for a special friend of mine, Jessica.  I helped Jess's Mom and sister pull this together and enjoyed working on all the little details!

 I used card stock and printed out the drink labels. Then I purchased repositional sticker label sheets from Office Max (printer paper section), spray painted them with chalk board spray paint and then used my paper cutter on them. I purchased a white sharpie paint marker from Lowe's (used many times now for many purposes including on wood, and I LOVE it!) and that is what they used to write their name. If we would have used chalk, it would have smeared or wiped off.  Not only did these labels work perfectly and stayed on while there was a drink in them, but they also came off perfectly when we were cleaning up. No residue leftover which is what I was worried about. This is MUCH cheaper then purchasing chalk board labels.

The Favors were licorice
Date Night ideas in a jar
A VERY surprised Jess

 Jess with her Flower Girls. Their shirts said "I'm in Charge of the Petals!"

 Can anyone see what is wrong with this cake? I guess this is what happens when you order over the phone and they don't ask for spelling!
I took a spoon and removed some of the icing to make it a little closer to "Jess"

 A very bored little flower girl!
 I found this awesome hoodie at Kohls and put my Mom's embroidery machine to good use! 
 This was a neat gift. It was many different items that you would not normally think to buy, but end up needing it at some point after setting up house. Paint roller, painters tape, empty spray bottle, masking tape, clips etc. This Bride and Groom are set!
 The Maid of Honor made these cute shirts!

Can't wait till Jess's big day!

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