Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wedding Planning Tip #2

Tip #2

For couples planning their wedding...
If you are using an AISLE RUNNER, consider blocking off the middle aisle with a pretty piece of tulle, so your guests have to be seated from the sides and thus, you can have your aisle runner firmly in place before hand. This enables you to put down tacks, hat pins, or tape to hold it in place (so the flower girls and bridesmaids don't get caught in it and fall).  This is also nice so that your groomsmen don't have to lean down and walk backwards with their rears in the air, trying to get the runner to come off the role. Or have to jump over obstacles in their pathway. (I'm not sure why we make the Groomsmen do this job because it is a well known fact that normally guys are not the most critical when placing delicate items - sorry guys, you know it's true!)  :)


If you like the idea of only the flower girls and Bride walking on the aisle runner, then considering purchasing extra white roping and make the aisle runner string a lot longer. That way your Groomsmen or Groom don't have to bend over awkwardly in front of everyone because those aisle runner cords are always way too short. There is also a REALLY neat AISLE RUNNER ROLLER that we saw for the first time a couple of weeks ago. You can find that at rental stores and it saves a lot of hassle and also makes the Groom or Groomsmen look like pro's!

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