Sunday, December 30, 2012

Military Maternity Photoshoot In The Snow!

During the beautiful snowfall yesterday I was able to capture my first military maternity photos!  Her husband was deployed to the Middle East about 2 months ago and will be gone till around next summer. She would have loved to have him here for this maternity photoshoot, but since that isn't possible, we came up with a creative way to "have him there." I have done photoshoots for them before and between those photos and the photo he sent to her from where he is stationed, we were able to create these priceless and emotional photos. 

Then she mentioned how she would love a family photo... so we used the photo that he sent to her from where he is at and used it in this next photo sequence.

This is one very excited big sister!
We are so excited to meet little David and pray for his Daddy's safe return and that he will be able to be home for his birth. We are SO thankful for our soldiers and their families who are willing to sacrifice and risk their lives and be apart from their loved ones, so that we can live in a free country! Thank you!!!

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