Sunday, December 9, 2012

Military Photo Shoot

Today I came across a photo shoot I did of my sisters family this past summer.  We wanted her dress to be vintage, but there were a couple of problems with that idea... 1.we had two hours until we needed to take the photos so that it would still be light enough. 2. where do you find a vintage dress? 3. If we did find the dress, we didn't want to spend much money. 

So... we went to a second hand clothing store and started hunting. We did not find anything that looked vintage... at least not what we were looking for. I wanted something with polka dots, navy blue and then a red 'pop.' Then... there was a very large,  full pleated skirt, button down top, very old polyester dress. But I've sewn since I was a kid and it had potential!!!!

This is how the dress looked when she tried it on in the store.  I just used my phone camera to snap a photo. We also found old silky red shoes and a red hat and belt to add a 'pop' to the photos.  Total cost $10

Then to cut apart the dress at the waist...

 Now off comes the top of the gathered skirt... quicker than seam ripping all of it.

 Sleeves were way too long and had cuffs... Goodbye long sleeves

 Rolled presserfoot - hemming sleeves

 They are still too long and poofy.. putting elastic down front of sleeve

and pulling it tight as I sew so it gathers it higher

bodice was too long and uneven... snipping time

I greatly dislike pleats and my goodness that skirt was full!

Goodbye full skirt

Having fun with the extra fabric... the "gypsy hat!"

Pinned the front bottom of bodice

Sewing the bodice front shut
Then I put a gathering stitch in the skirt and pinned it to the bodice and then sewed the bodice and skirt together.  Then I sewed open the top of the bodice so that it looked like a v-neck.  I must not have photographed those parts!  

Then off to the park for their photo shoot.  I have learned so much about the military in the past year.  On the photo end... One of the things that I have learned was that technically people in the military are not supposed to post photos of them and their significant other or spouse kissing or public displays of affection.  
So in honor of that, here are some pix that I can post...

I did make some of the photos vintage colored but I ended up liking them best in full color because the red pops so much better.  I hope I have inspired you to 're-purpose' something old into something new!

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